Crosswinds Mobile Home Park

4125 Park Street North

St. Petersburg, FL 33709


 Qualifications Standards for Residency


Application Fee: $ 50.00 per applicant

Age Requirement: 55 + (a spouse/roommate must be at least 45 years of age)

Copies of proof of age must be submitted with application

Credit Score: 640 or above

Background: No felonies, violent misdemeanor offences or tax liens

Total Monthly Household Income: $ 1200.00 – proof of income for each applicant must be submitted with application

Debt Service: Housing, utilities and auto must not exceed 60% of gross income.


Motorcycles can only be driven from your home to the exit/entrance. No visiting motorcycles are permitted in the park.

All rental payments are received either by Lockbox (coupon), Online Billpay, or ACH draft. No cash will be accepted by the management office.

_______________________________ _______________________________

Applicant Signature                                 Applicant Signature

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Management Signature                          Date

                                     APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCY

                              All parts of this form must be completed.

Type or print in black ink only. Furnish this application, a copy of applicant’s driver’s license and social security card, and include the applicable screening fee. Proof of age is required (whether in the form of a driver’s license or birth certificate, or such other identification as may be necessary to establish age, so as to meet the age requirements of the Park.) (Good for 24 months)


LOT NUMBER _____________   ATTACH PROOF OF AGE __________  ATTACH COPY OF MOBILE HOME TITLE ____________

Does any prospective resident own a pet?_________      Does any prospective resident own a motorcycle?_________________



Enter information on all occupants:                                  Phone number where you can be reached:


Name ___________________________________________________ Date of Birth __________________________________________


Soc. Sec. No. _________________________________ Driver’s License No.     _____________________________________________


Check One: Married ___________ Single ___________ Widowed ___________ Separated __________ Divorced ________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Name __________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ___________________________________


Soc. Sec. No ___________________________________Driver’s License No.______________________________________________


Check One: Married ___________ Single __________ Widowed ___________ Separated ___________ Divorced ________________


Name ___________________________________________________ Date of Birth __________________________________________


Soc. Sec. No. ___________________________________ Driver’s License No.   ____________________________________________


Check One: Married ___________ Single __________ Widowed _____________ Separated ___________ Divorced ______________


List place(s) of residence for the past three years.


Address             ______________________________________________ from __________________ to   ______________________


City/State/Zip     ________________________________________________________ own   ________________ Rent ___________


Address              ___________________________________________ from ___________________ to ________________________


City/State/Zip     _______________________________________________________ own _________________ Rent ____________


Address               ___________________________________________ from ____________________ to ______________________


City/State/Zip     ________________________________________________________ own ________________ Rent ____________


Mobile Home Information:


Year _____________________________ Make _______________________ Model     ____________________________


II/We expect to live in the mobile home approximately __________________________ months each year.

APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCY                                                                                                                                                      Page 2



List employers for past three years. If retired, list past employers.


Employer           _________________________________________________________ Phone No.     ___________________________      

City/State/Zip     _________________________________________________________ Supervisor ____________________________


Position   __________________________________________ from ________________ to       __________ Income ___________


Employer           __________________________________________________________ Phone No.     ___________________________


City/state/Zip     __________________________________________________________ Supervisor   ___________________________


Position __________________________________________ from ________________ to         _________ Income ____________


Employer             __________________________________________________________ Phone No.   ___________________________


City/State/Zip       __________________________________________________________ Supervisor ___________________________


Position ___________________________________________ from _________________ to       _________ Income ___________


Vehicle Information:


Year _____________________________ Make __________________________ Model       ______________________


Color ____________________________ Tag No. ________________________ State         ______________________


In Case of Emergency Notify:


Name       ________________________________________________________ Phone No.       ____________________________


Address   ________________________________________________________ Relationship ____________________________


Character References:


Name       ________________________________________________________ Phone No.       ____________________________


Address   ________________________________________________________ Relationship   ___________________________



Applicant attests that the above information is true and complete, and authorizes verification of it by reasonable means. Applicant authorizes the Association to obtain his/her credit report, public records review and other facts deemed necessary to process this application. Applicant understands that false or incomplete information given here may constitute grounds for rejection of this application and agrees that full disclosure of information obtained may be made to the association and the owner of property for which this application has been made. Applicant understands that the application fee of $50 is non-refundable. The undersigned have read and agreed to the provisions of this application and will abide by the Park rules.


Signature _____________________________________________Date______________







Offer to Purchase


Date: _______________________         Unit # for Sale: ________________

Address of Unit:   4125 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, Fl. 33709

Dear Board of Directors:

This letter is to state my intent to offer $__________________


Share Value $___________ Home Value $ __________

for the above named unit. I have secured my offer with a deposit of $_________.


I currently own within Crosswinds: YES Lot(s) # _________ NO

My name is currently on a share: YES Lot(s) # _________ NO


Buyers Name(s): _______________________________

Buyers Address: _______________________________

Buyers Phone #: _______________________________

Contingencies: ________________________________


_____________________               _____________________

Buyers Signature(s)                        Co-Buyers Signature(s)

_____________________             _____________________

Buyers Name (printed)                   Co-Buyers Name (printed)


Date _____________


_____________________                 _____________________

Agent for Crosswinds                                         Title